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When your employees work and communicate more efficiently, they are empowered to provide exceptional service to your members. Securely store documents, streamline processes, connect with members and so much more with an iD intranet. It’s the solution of choice for some of the world’s leading credit unions.

Document Management

Make documents easily accessible for your credit union with iD’s secure, in-built Document Management. Retrieve files quickly by adding detailed information to your files via metadata, or assign a Must Read status to ensure important information is pushed to relevant contacts. Comprehensive Version Control will enable you to track how, when and who documents have been edited by, and revert to previous versions if required for auditing purposes.

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Robust security is key to a successful credit union intranet. Protect your internal documents, private communications and members’ information with iD’s extensive and customizable security features.

Have complete control over who can access content or the actions they can perform, including confined access to folders and individual documents. Collaborate and file share securely with Private Groups to communicate with your team or across departments.

Connect Your Members via an Extranet

An extranet makes authorized content within your intranet available to your selected members or partner network. iD’s extranet keeps contacts informed and enables self-service to reduce your phone and email enquiry traffic.

View Our Live Intranet

View Our Live Intranet

Our live example intranet will show you how easy it is to centralize communication, manage documentation, setup collaborative spaces and be more productive.


A Central Place to Communicate

Centrally communicate in real time with your employees or members via iD. Broadcast information through News and #Channel feeds, or connect with people directly via @Mentions and Private Groups. By communicating in a central location, your people can always access the information they need at any time, from anywhere.

Quickly Train Staff & Achieve Compliance

Industry regulations are constantly changing and credit unions are under pressure to adapt.

Keep your staff up to date and compliant with iD’s Process Automation. Build comprehensive training modules, complete with detailed reporting to track employee progress and understanding. All data is recorded and traceable for auditing, and modules can be created quickly to reflect changing industry protocol.

Gain Efficiency

Credit unions are under pressure to provide quick yet comprehensive service to their members. iD’s Online Forms and Process Automation allows your organization to replace paper-based processes and streamline tasks for incredible efficiency. It’s the quickest and most secure way to manage your credit union’s processes and procedures.

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Match Your Brand

Your organization's brand is the heart and soul of your company culture. Tailor the design of your intranet and portal to align with your branding via templates that allow you to rapidly build your intranet. iD intranets are beautiful and functional, increasing employee engagement and improving culture.

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