Build the Best Finance Intranet & Portal

As the financial industry undergoes regulatory changes, institutions need to be agile to meet the needs of clients.

An iD intranet helps to achieve growth and profitability through innovative tools, that connect people to content. It features all of the apps and functionality you need out of the box, creating a digital workplace for improved productivity.

Your Documents in One Place

Create a central repository for documents with iD’s secure, in-built Document Management. Add detailed information to a file using meta data. Categorize it for super-fast retrieval, or assign a must read status to ensure compliance from individuals or groups. Partners and employees have 24/7 access to financial documentation, performance data, client details and reports.

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Keep Content & Conversations Secure

iD has been designed with extensive, customizable security to manage a broad range of internal documents and private communications.

Easily manage who has access to content and the actions they can perform, including restricted access to folders and individual files. Private Groups allow for secure collaborative spaces, where selected staff can share documents, content and communicate in confidence.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Digitize manual processes with iD’s Online Forms and Workflow to meet business objectives faster.

Robust security restricts forms to selected employees and approval to specified administrators, while comprehensive multi-stage Workflow allows you to align approval stages to your financial institution. It’s the fastest and safest way to manage your processes and procedures.

Centralize Communication

Effortlessly communicate in real time with internal employees and partners in your financial network. Use apps such as News, Private Groups and Discussion #Channels to discuss services, rates, client details and much more.

Communicating through iD keeps your conversations in a central, categorized location for easy retrieval and collaboration. Mobile access allows customer service and employees on the go to access information they need, when they need it.

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Quickly Train Staff & Achieve Compliance

Financial regulations and legislation are changing constantly, and your team needs to keep up!

Build detailed training modules with iD to ensure competence and compliance across your organization, while comprehensive reporting allows you to track employee progress and meet industry guidelines. Regularly upskill your team to provide exceptional service to clients and partners.

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Match Your Brand

Your organization's brand is the heart and soul of your company culture. Tailor the design of your intranet and portal to align with your branding via templates that allow you to rapidly build your intranet. iD intranets are beautiful and functional, increasing employee engagement and improving culture.

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