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The world’s leading healthcare organizations use iD to communicate, manage documents and streamline processes from a central platform. We make information easily accessible for healthcare workers, so they can provide exceptional care to patients.

Retrieve Policies & Procedures

Retrieve Policies & Procedures

In the healthcare industry, documentation is everything. iD provides a place to store all of your organization’s important files where they can be easily accessed, edited and shared within your governance framework.

Find important files faster than ever before. Quickly search and retrieve policies to assist with compliance and retrieve documents to provide to patients.

Keep Employees in the Loop

Communication can be tricky for health provider organizations, particularly those with shift or part time workers. Frontline staff are often on the go and don’t have time to trawl through emails at a desk.

iD sends real time information to your workforce via a central platform. iD #Channels provide organized areas for departmental or specialist communications, topic based discussions and announcements. Employees can pin #Channels to subscribe to business information and communicate via comments, likes and shares.

Real-time Communication
View Our Healthcare Intranet

View Our Healthcare Intranet

Manage documents, communicate in real time and streamline processes with iD. View our live healthcare intranet to see how you can improve service efficiency.


Ensure Compliance

The healthcare landscape is one of constant evolution. iD makes it simple for approved users to update ever-changing files via inline editing. Once updated, assign the document as a ‘Must Read’ item to relevant individuals or groups to ensure compliance and track their progress.

Ensure Compliance

Information On the Go

Information On the Go

Frontline staff are constantly on the go and need an intranet that can keep up with them! With iD, these employees can access documents and communication whenever, wherever. Mobile access increases efficiency and service standards, as staff can always refer to the important information they need to do their best work and provide patient care.

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Find Experts

With many healthcare employees working shifts or across multiple locations, there’s a constant need to find out “Who can help me?” Fortunately, health organizations are filled with experts- so iD has made it super easy to find them!

Customizable User Profiles mean staff can attach detailed information to their profiles, which is then searchable across the intranet. This data might include expertise, specialization, location or work hours; helping you to find the resource you need.

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Increased Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Manual forms and processes can no longer keep up with the fast-paced healthcare industry. It’s time to improve your service levels and ensure compliance by shifting your forms and processes online.

iD has made it easy to digitize forms and processes with Online Forms and Workflow. The simple wizard-based process allows you to efficiently create forms and training modules, regardless of technical nous. Staff can then quickly submit information as they work.

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View our healthcare intranet

See iD in action via our live healthcare intranet.

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