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The hospitality industry has been disrupted by the online marketplace. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for hospitality providers to streamline internal operations and communications to reduce costs and provide superior customer service. The solution is iD.

Communicate Across All Levels & Locations

Hospitality businesses are incredibly diverse, made up by both staff that are frontline to customers and those in office-based roles. While these employees have different daily work experiences, they are working to a common goal; to create incredible experiences for customers and guests.

iD #Channels provide an opportunity for staff on all levels to knowledge share and collaborate. Provide #GuestFeedback, #StaffSuggestions, or #ManagementMessages- the possibilities are endless! #Channels surface the information your business needs to gain a competitive edge.

iD Document Management Video screenshot iD Document Management Video screenshot

Quick Access to Documents & Information

iD is a place to store all of your important files where they can be easily accessed, edited and shared. Frontline staff are able to find important files and information faster than ever before. Simply use custom metadata to add detailed information to files, categorizing them for super-fast retrieval.

To share important document updates with staff, such as booking policies or OHS procedures, assign a #Hashtag to your document to share it to a #Channel feed.

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Keep Confidential Information Safe

While it is incredibly beneficial for employees across all departments to connect, there is certain information and conversations that need to remain private. iD’s comprehensive security enables you to restrict content to an approved group of users, keeping confidential information and documents safe. You can even collaborate and file share in confidence via iD’s Private Groups.


For staff that are constantly on the go - they need an intranet that can keep up with them. With iD, these employees can access information, documents and communications when they need it most. Mobile access increases efficiency and service standards, as staff can always refer to the information they need to provide the best service to customers.

Streamline Processes to Gain Efficiency

There are a multitude of processes that can be automated with iD. Easily build and submit comprehensive forms to request room supplies, submit incident reports, order kitchen items, and so much more.

Improve staff performance through regular training. iD’s Process Automation and Workflow makes it incredibly simple to build detailed training modules, with no technical skills required. With iD you can be sure staff are engaged and performing at their highest standards.

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Match Your Brand

Your organization's brand is the heart and soul of your company culture. Tailor the design of your intranet and portal to align with your branding via templates that allow you to rapidly build your intranet. iD intranets are beautiful and functional, increasing employee engagement and improving culture.

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