Build the Best Manufacturing Intranet

Gain a competitive advantage by centralizing communications and operations in one place. Automate processes, train staff, and communicate internally or with your supplier network.

Create a central digital location for workers to contain costs and increase productivity to boost profit margins.

Centralize Information & Documentation

Establish a central repository for documents, and make your critical policies and procedures easily findable. Add detailed information to a file via metadata to categorize it for super-fast retrieval, or assign a Must Read status to ensure compliance from individuals or groups. With iD’s secure, inbuilt Document Management, your employees, partners or supplier network can access the information they need 24/7.

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Improve Productivity

Manufacturers are under the pump to connect products to consumers as fast as possible. iD’s Online Forms and Process Automation allows your team to streamline tasks and replace paper-based processes to gain incredible efficiency. Request materials, lodge incident reports, or place orders- the possibilities are limitless!

Connect Your Supplier Network

Centrally communicate in real time with internal employees, partners and suppliers in your manufacturing network. Use apps such as News, Private Groups, #Channel feeds and notifications to discuss budgets, production, distribution and so much more.

Give authorized supplier contacts access to intranet content from any device, thanks to iD’s extranet capabilities.

Locate Talent

Your product is only as good as your people. Develop the skills of your team with step-by-step training processes and workflow. iD makes it easy to build comprehensive training modules and to monitor the progress of employees via compliance tracking.

When looking for expertise within your manufacturing business, simply head to iD’s Staff Directory. Employees can add detailed information to their profiles, which is then searchable across the intranet. This data might include machinery qualifications, work hours, or location. It’s the fastest and easiest way to find who you need to get the job done.

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Uphold Industry Standards

Manufacturers are bound by strict industry guidelines and standards.

Ensure compliance from your team with iD’s Read Receipt. Simply assign a Must Read status to policies and procedures for individuals or groups, and track their progress. Achieve industry standards and ensure your team are equipped to work safely and productively.

Mobile Workforce

Your team is constantly on the go, whether they’re in the warehouse, factory or office. With iD Mobile, they’ll always have access to the documents, information and communication they need to create and distribute your product.

Mobile Workforce

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Match Your Brand

Your organization's brand is the heart and soul of your company culture. Tailor the design of your intranet and portal to align with your branding via templates that allow you to rapidly build your intranet. iD intranets are beautiful and functional, increasing employee engagement and improving culture.

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