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iD Retail enables you to build business profitability. Centralize information, alleviate availability issues, automate processes, and create online training- making cumbersome manual tasks digital and easy to do! Engage your disparate workplace to become more productive and improve your profitability.

Solve Availability with POS Access

Solve your availability issues so customers can always access your products. Mobile extranet access makes business-critical information, such as stock count, store layout guides, POS tickets easily accessible to those 'on-the-floor' via POS terminals or mobile devices.

Enable staff to provide up to the minute information as they serve customers, improve your stock availability and improve your bottom line.

Communicate Between Stores

Use iD to communicate up to the minute information regarding product and stock levels, services, deliveries, business operations and more! You can even manage retail tasks and operational processes, then receive automatic notifications when forms and processes are completed.

By creating a central location for information, retail businesses can reduce email traffic and phone queries between stores to operate more efficiently.

View Our Retail Intranet

View Our Retail Intranet

See how iD's retail intranet can help you manage stock availability, communicate between stores, induct employees and be more productive.


Quickly Train Staff & Achieve Compliance

Quickly induct and train staff via the intranet. Explain processes and procedures to expand product knowledge and teach 'best practice' customer service with online forms, videos and questionnaires. Track and achieve compliance through consistently delivered training and ensure employees uphold the quality of your brand.

Streamline Operating Procedures

Streamline your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and forms from paper to online.

Create and manage your standard operational procedures via the intranet and eliminate the need for manual processes. Ensure what needs to be done is always completed correctly across your retail network.

Forms & processes are easy to access and complete – ie. legislative compliance, incident reports, distribution & logistics queries.

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Your Documents in One Place

iD Retail's in-built document management, centralizes all your important documents and enables them to be shared and found. Ensure stores have 24/7 access to operating manuals, branding guidelines, bay/store layout guides and current promotions. iD Retail allows you to consolidate your important collateral in an easy to access location for all of your stores.

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Match Your Brand

Your brand is the heart and soul of your company culture. Tailor the design of your intranet to align with your branding via templates that allow you to rapidly build your intranet. iD retail intranets are beautiful and functional, increasing employee engagement and improving culture.

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View our retail intranet

See iD in action via our live retail intranet.

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